Sunday, April 17, 2011

Free Steampunk Mask

My good old friend, Sub-Toymaster, had the most awesome 30th birthday party this weekend at Unit 11.
A couple of us artists were there, drawing away as the Masked Mystery party went on around us.
Of course I went and made life hard for myself and decided to turn my skateboard (or in this case a piece of board cut to the shape of a skateboard) into a comic page. I ran out of time, so I only ended up doing two out of four planned panels, but I think it turned out ok.
Live performance art is not really my thing, but I had a blast! Thanks to Paul, Unit 11 and all the other artists who were there, even though I didn't get to chat much it was fun and everyone's boards looked awesome!

I decided to go with my Victorian obsession and make myself a comic style steampunk mask - and here it is for you enjoyment - just click on the image above, download it, print it out, stick it on some cardboard and suit-up Victorian style!

Happy birthday, Sub!


  1. Thanks for the mask! I've been thinking about making a steampunkish doll, so this comes in very handy.