Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Comic Art Process

I've been so busy with freelance work for the last couple of months, that I haven't even been able to get around to doing any of my own personal art for some time. So this weekend I just had to get back to drawing my own characters for a change. It's actually quite amazing how re-energizing it is to draw freely, without any expectations looming over your head.
Not surprising, I turned my attention back to an old project of mine, and to one of my favorite old characters, Mellee.
I figured I'd share my own Deon de Lange comic illustration process here for you guys who are interested.
Feel free to share your views and comments as I go along...


Okay, this is all done digitally with my trusty large Wacom tablet that hardly fits on my desk. Blue pencils are just a personal choice that makes the inking easier later on. My initial focus was just Mellee, and those of you who have noticed her floating around my portfolio, may see that I've updated her outfit a little bit. I always try and tell a story in images like this, and the best way I find to do that is to add another characters for the the main character to react to.


Foreground done, so I add a background that says something about the setting and adds to the story.

The blue lines make the inking, which is done on a separate layer, easy to differentiate from the pencils. Even here in the inking stage, I don't mind making adjustments to the image after some comments from my friends over at

And the inking is done for now. I have pushed the background characters back by lightening the inks so that the main characters pop. Next time... colours.

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