Friday, February 15, 2013

Lane & Russell Storyboards

Today, I have the pleasure of revealing some of the storyboards that I did for the short film, Lane & Russell, by director Jason Stogsdill and Sleeping Sun Films.
"Lane & Russell" is an off the wall comedic short film that is currently in production. The film is being shot entirely in Kentucky. The production team and cast consists of a diverse group of talent hailing from Kentucky, Indiana, Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, New York and as far away as South Africa (That would be me and Paul Oxborrow, my ridiculously awesome designer friend).
The best part is, that Lane & Russel's Indiegogo campaign has been very successful and  the production will continue on 1 April.

 Check out more storyboards from Lane & Russell in the new gallery I have created on my portfolio website to showcase my storyboard work:

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