Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Velocity Anthology double page spread

If you've been wondering why I've gone into ninja stealth mode over the last two weeks, its because I've been working on a beast of a double page spread for Velocity issue 4!
I was told I could draw anything I liked, as long as it told a story, was science fiction or fantasy, and was PG-13!
Dammit, no boobies then... That pretty much killed half my ideas on the spot.
So I decided to do a scene from a famous historical battle that takes place in the history of my science fiction comic that I'm currently writing. You guys will find out more about this comic towards the end of the year.
So here are the WIPs so far. I'll be finishing it up today, so the color image below is not final.
The pencils and inks were done traditionally on 19"x24" bristol board and then scanned in in six parts and stitched back together for coloring in Photoshop.

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