Monday, September 30, 2013

Gofu Comic at Rage Expo

Attention, Johannesburg peoples!!
A very limited number of signed Gofu comics will be available at RAGE this week!!
Got to the "They Did This" stand at Legion Ink's Artist Alley, support Local SA comics, and pick up a copy of the awesome "Lil'Five" comic and the Velocity Anthology while you're there!

At Rage Only: Buy Velocity SDCC for R50 and Gofu for R45 or get both for R80!

A big thanks to the They Did This guys, for taking Gofu up to Rage!

Legion Ink: 
They Did This:


Friday, September 27, 2013

Four Shots Comic Book Signing and Exhibit, Durban!

After successful comic launches at Open Book Comics Fest 2013, Cape Town, four Durban comic creators will be having an official launch of their comics on home soil.

Luke Molver's 'Nero: Genesis' is a sprawling science fiction tale of love, death, and the nature of God, set in the sunbleached cities of a cyberpunked South Africa...
Deon De Lange's 'Gofu' begins the story of a gentle behemoth who must flee extinction with his only friend Tatsu, and seek a new home in a unknown world...
Alastair Laird's anthology 'Agenda' is a pulped-out ultrazine with a spectrum of style from Chris Ware to Johnny Ryan. From panel to panel you will laugh, cry, and possibly pleasure yourself...

 Michael Croeser's 'Stupor Model' is a lilting, weightless adventure into the wordless worlds beyond our dreams...

Come join us for one evening of comic awesomeness! Books are for sale directly from the artists.
There will be short introductions and talks from each artists, book signings, original comic art on display, and, of course, a cash bar!

Where/ when?
The Collective, 48b Florida rd (opposite Bean Bag on the top floor)
8th October 2013
Free entry! Cash Bar!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Business Cards!

Just before the show two weeks ago, I got my awesome new business cards from my awesome friend, Nadja Oxborrow!
I love them! They are quite and unusual angled shape inspired by a panel form my comic, Gofu and feature my character, Tatsu from the comic on the back.

The whole thing was quite last minute, so we ended up having to cut them ourselves. But that's cool, we just made it a late night card cutting party with pizza all round! Thanks again for all the help, Nadja, Sam, Paul and Megan!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gofu Mission Central

Can't say I have too much new stuff to show today... This month I am working on some BIG illustration commissions, so its going to be a while before I have new art to post.
Lets just say...Roman army...Carthage war elephants...and I love doing historical research on my projects!

But for you Gofu readers - here are some shots of Gofu Mission Central: my little art studio.
I draw Gofu on 14"x17" bristol board, which I then scan into Photoshop and color digitally.
As I finish the pages I like to put them up on my wall in sequential order so that I easily can see how the story flows, and make sure that the artwork is consistent.

Yes...the pink curtains must go...

Gofu is for sale from Readers Den, Blank Books, and my own online shop!!
International shipping available from all.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Video of the Gofu Launch at Open Book Comics Fest 2013

For your entertainment I'm sharing a video of my Gofu launch speech at Open Book Comics Fest 2013.
Please don't judge the awkwardness...I think this was my first public talk, and mercifully, the crowd was small and forgiving...
Shameless plug: If you can't hear what I'm saying in this video - buy the comic! It explains everything, I promise! ;)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Gofu comic launch at Open Book Comics Fest 2013

My first comic, Gofu, was launched at Open Book Comics Fest 2013 and it was a great success!
It was an awesome comics show that was part of the Open Book Festival in Cape Town and it was humbling to meet so many amazing artists and just all round nice people! 

Gofu did very well at Open Book Comics Fest 2013, and I am very happy about that! To everyone who came and supported and bought Gofu - a big thank you! You guys made all the effort worth while.

I am back home now and I am selling my comic, Gofu and a few other goodies in my online shop - - international shipping available.
Just click the "Jumpsuit Shop" button above and it will take you right there.
For South African customers who don't use Paypal, you are welcome to contact me directly (deon(at)jumpsuitart(dot)com) to make a purchase.

Alternatively Gofu is also for sale from Readers Den Comic Shop in Claremont and Blank Books in Woodstock for those of you who are in Cape Town but could not make it to Open Book Comics Fest!

The SA comics community is growing, and support is growing too. I was amazed at the diversity of the content, styles and themes on display from the various SA comic artists. I have started adding links to local comic books to the bottom right of my blog - go and support them, guys! SA comics needs your involvement!

I cant wait to get going on my next comic!

My wife, Megan - what a trooper! The Gofu launch would not have happened without her.

My neighbors, Josh Ryba of "Rebirth" and Luis Tolosana of "Philo's Wish". The SA comic artists community is just a bunch of awesome people! 

Rico of "Madam and Eve" came around to my table for a chat - such a great guy and, for me, an honor to show some of my work to a legend of South African comics. 

 Nawhaal and Shaakira - awesome people!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thanks, Layerpaint!

A couple of weeks ago I submitted my "General Maijuu"battle scene that I did for The Velocity Anthology to the Layerpaint galleries, and it got chosen! Yay!

Thank you!

All Layerpaint submissions are vetted by the Layerpaint/3DTotal team, so the standards of the gallaries are quite high. So for me, its a welcome surprise to have been accepted.

So head over there, and give it some stars, please folks ;)