Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's time for...Open Book Comics Fest 2014!

Three weeks to go to Open Book Comics Fest 2014 and I'll be there!

Hi guys! I can't wait for Open Book Comics Fest 2014!
Things are hotting up this side, with preparations for the fest underway! Tomica #1 is at the printers and almost ready to go. I've seen the proofs and they look great! 

Open Book Comics Fest 2013

Come visit my table at the Comics Fest market, where I'll be selling Gofu Part 1, Gofu Part 2 and, of course Tomica #1!

Yup!, I'll have three comics for sale at the show!
Gofu Part 1: R40.00
Gofu Part 2: R40.00
Tomica #1: R30.00

Open Book Comics Fest is officially the launch of our new quarterly print edition of Tomica in a special mini-comic strip format.
Tomica will come out every 3 months and will feature rocking sci-fi action that you haven't seen in comics since the days of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers!
Every issue of Tomica includes special print-exclusive features such as character bios, space maps and vehicle tech specs!

If you have pre-ordered Tomica, thank you, you rock and you hve no idea how much it helps!

Keep an eye open for announcements on pre-orders for Tomica #2 - much sooner than you think! ;)

Of course there will be all kinds of other goodies for sale at my table such as prints and original art.

Gofu Part one is also available in full colour in The Velocity Anthology #4!
Be sure to swing by Velocity's table and pick up a copy! Check them out on Facebook too!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Re-Branding, New Comics and Etsy store!

I won't lie, the FCBD mist has taken a while to settle!
I've been so busy, I've been neglecting my posts, but a few exciting changes have happened in the last few weeks!

First of all, Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day was awesome! It was really hard work, but it went very well, and we enjoyed it so much! I was there with my wife Megan, who was selling her Starbright Girl jewellery, and we had a blast! I pretty much sold out of the mini-Tomica comics and Gofu 2 sold very well. I was also happy to a see a lot of new reasers picking up Gofu 1.
I had a some original art for sale at a show for the first time, and I was very happy to have sold a few, so I will be bringing a lot more original art variety to the next show!
Can't wait for the next one!

Once FCBD was over, I was able to get round to many bookstores and am happy to announce that Gofu Part 1 and 2 are now available in the following stores around the country:
Reader's Den Comic Shop in Claremont and Tygervalley, Cape Town.
Outer Limits Comics, Cape Town.
Blank Books in Woodstock, Cape Town.
Clarkes Books in Long street, Cape Town.
Steampunk Comics in Centurion
The Unseen Shoppe in Westville, Durban.
The Batcave Comics N Games in Hillcrest, Durban

Of course my comics are always directly available from me too, and I do ship worldwide!

Dave and I have been super busy with our webcomic, Tomica in the meantime, and we have now hit double digits with our eleventh Tomica strip! It was also really great to see a big jump in readership over the last few weeks with our best day having over 230 visits! Please vote for us on Topwebcomics!

The biggest change this month would be the re-branding of my freelance illustration business, Jumpsuit Art. Gone is the jumping suit guy...I will miss him! However, it has become time to promote myself under my own name, especially since I now also have UO Comics. I found that with having Jumpsuit Art and UO Comics at the same events and mentioned in articles etc, thing tended to get a bit confusing.
So now I operate under my own name as Deon de Lange. My main art website is now, and my email address has changed to deon(at)deondelange(dot)com.
My old website, and my old email, will still work, but will redirect to my new addresses.

Finally, I have opened my Etsy store at last!
I have my original art, fan art, prints and comics for sale there so go check it out! 

Photo by Fahmeeda Zalgaonker

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Visit me at Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is just over three weeks away!

I will be at Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day in Claremont, Cape Town on Saturday, 3 May, so be sure to come by and say hi!
Entry to the event is free so no excuses, ok??! :)

I will be there, selling some Deon de Lange / Jumpsuit Art prints and goodies and I will also be there as UO Comics to Launch and sell Gofu Part 2 of 6!
Of course there will be a second edition of Gofu Part 1 of 2 available for those of you who havent managed to get a copy yet.

This friday, we (David Covas Lourenco and I) are starting our new UO Comics webcomic, Tomica, a sci-fi space adventure set in the world of Unknown Origins, so as a special bonus, I will have a limited, special edition, Reader's Den FCBD mini Tomica comic for sale - only at FCBD!
This little mini comic will be signed, numbered and limited to 50 copies only, so get to my table early to grab one before they are gone!

Sharing the table with my will be my lovely wife, Megan, selling her Starbright Silver custom geek jewellery! These are special once-off fan-art pieces inspired by her favorite pop culture obsessions!
Check out her Etsy shop and Starbrightgirl website to see more of her unique and beautiful sliver jewellery!

The SA Comics scene is exploding in 2014, guys! There will be 15 new South African Comic launches at Reader's Den FCBD! One such comic is Velocity's Darker Forces: Devastation  and Darker Forces: Degeneration.
These two comics are the result of a very unique South African/Australian collaboration with 16 artists from each country contributing a page to the story.
Yes, you guessed it, I contributed a page to Devastation, and I cant wait to see it in print!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gofu Part 2 of 6 Sneak Peek Page!

It's one month to go till Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day and the official launch of Gofu Part 2 of 6!
With that, I'm super excited to share some Gofu 2 progress with you and show the first page.
I cant wait to be in Cape Town for Reader's Den Comic Shop's event - It's going to be epic, and bigger than ever!

Remember to get your copy of Gofu Part 1 of 2 here, or pick it up at Reader's Den!

Gofu and Tatsu continue their journey and run into an old stranger, who shares a cautionary tale from the past...

Friday, February 14, 2014

GOFU #1 in color for Velocity #4!

There is so much awesome happening in South African comics in 2014, I can hardly keep up!

The Velocity Anthology issue 4 is on it's way for July 14, and I'm really excited to be included along with South Africa and Australia's top comic artists for this edition.
Yes, Gofu #1 will be in full color, only in Velocty #4, so make sure you get in line to pick up your copy and support local comic art!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

SA comics at Design Indaba

This year Moray Rhoda of Gaining Velocity, Ray Whitcher, Daniel Hugo and Chris Beukes present SA comics at a talk at Design Indaba 2014!
It is an exciting time for South African comics and 2014 is already looking to be jam packed with events across the country with Readers's Den FCBD, Open Book Comics Fest and Rage among others.

Monday, February 10, 2014

You guys have been asking for Gofu #2...

Gofu issue #2 to be launched at Reader's Den Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday 3 May 2014 - Stadium on Main, Cape Town.

It's almost time for Free Comic Book Day again, and this year Reader's Den's Free Comic Book Day event at Stadium on Main in Cape Town is going to be bigger than ever!
Jumpsuit Art and UO Comics will be there to launch Gofu issue #2!

I will be opening up pre-orders for a Gofu #1 re-print and Gofu #2 soon. Keep reading this blog for updates!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Traditional Oil Painting Movie Poster Illustration

I've been scarce for the last week.
Roger Pictures from Finland got hold of me and asked if I could do a 70's/80's style movie poster for them... in nine days.
I figured the best way for me to get an old school feel for the poster would be to paint it traditionally in oils... in nine days.
It was really hard work, but it was also one of the most enjoyable projects I have ever done.
The brief was to do an illustration that really paid homage to a certain low budget 70's movie duo - guess who!

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and I can't wait to get going on another oil painting project!

"Deon de Lange, The Troublemakers movie poster art" click to enlarge

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gaining Velocity: Darker Forces is in print!

Yes! Gaining Velocity's Darker Forces is in print at last!

All Star Comics in Melbourne just got their reader copy before the launch on Tuesday at Gasolina in Melbourne!

Us South African comic artists who participated are super jealous and cant wait for our local launch.
Keep an eye for updates on the local launch and the Velocity facebook page!

Neville's pics swiped from the facebook page ;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Illustrating in Oils

I'm really glad I've made the decision to go back to oils.
To me there really is nothing like holding a real painting in your hands.

I hope to encourage more illustrators to turn to traditional media when they can, because I really believe there is a time, and a place for both digital, and traditional.
However I feel nowadays, illustrators don't even consider the traditional route, which is a shame.
I have nothing against digital art and I feel equally comfortable in both mediums. But there's nothing like holding a physical painting/illustration/comic art page in your hands when it's all done.
Also, when you do commissioned art for reproduction traditionally, you end up and an additional asset, that can be sold for as much or more than you charged for your time on the project.

So whenever I'm working with a client that I know won't have a million changes, and I feel confident about the creative control I have in the project, I prefer to go traditional, at least in part.

With this in mind I've started a follow-along tutorial thread for artists who are interested on Legion Ink. 
Follow along here:,2103.0.html. (members only area, so you'll have to sign up)
I'd love your input!


Note my home-made easel ;)

Friday, January 17, 2014

A new addition to my portfolio

Its a great feeling adding a new piece to the portfolio!
And I am especially pleased with my game box art illustration for Demise of Nations from Noble Master Games that I have just completed for a happy client.

The battle scene was illustrated traditionally with inks on bristol board, and then colored digitally in Photoshop. It's a wrap-around DVD cover, so I had to make sure the composition worked as both a  landscape spread, and on its own as a portrait format image for the front cover.

I love doing lots of research, especially for historic illustrations, and I spent a fair amount of time looking up war elephants and roman horses for this one.
This image depicts the battle of Carthage during the Third Punic War. Turns out that the Romans didn't really have a standard uniform in this early period, but I ended up making the decision to give them all standard uniform and brass armour for artistic reasons.
As for the war elephants, I chose African elephants and purposefully exaggerated their size for effect.
The Carthaginians would have used the extinct and much smaller North African elephant of the time, which actually looked like a mix between African and Indian elephants.
That's the end of my art-research history lesson for today!

Deon de Lange

"Deon de Lange, Demise of Nations game box art" click to enlarge

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gaining Velocity: Darker Forces launching soon!

I recently took part in Gaining Velocity's South Africa/Australia comic project, Darker Forces.

Darker Forces continues an alien invasion story by South African comic creators Moray Rhoda and Daniel Hugo in two halves.
Darker Forces: Degeneration is the Autralian collaboration with 34 artists, each doing one page.
Darker Forces: Devastation is the South African collaboration with 34 artists, each doing one page.

There are loads of preview pages to be seen on Gaining Velocity's facebook page and the art is outstanding, so go check it out!
It's been really interesting to see each artist bring their own unique style to the same story page by page.

The Australia launch is just around the corner on January 26th in Melbourne - if you're in the area, check the facebook event page for more details.

Keep an eye on my blog and on Gaining Velocity's facebook page for an announcement about the South African launch!

Monday, January 6, 2014

My back-of-the-toilet-door reading material for 2014

I got my corporate superhero calendar from the designer, Hiram Austin, from Redeye Designs today!
It came out beautifully and the clients are super happy with it.
The illustrations are printed at full size, which makes for a nice and big calendar that displays my lines with every detail.

I'd be keen to do another calendar - hopefully color next time! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Drawing Dogs

This is a digital prep sketch for a private commission I'm working on.
I must say, regardless of how good your understanding of human anatomy is, each new animal type that you have to draw comes with a new set of anatomical knowledge that you need to study up on.

Photo reference is obviously essential, but as soon as you need to deviate posture from the photo reference, and your knowledge of the relevant anatomy is not at least backed by a few hours study, you'll run into problems.

Image from: An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists - Ellenberger, Baum, Dittrich & Munch