Monday, January 20, 2014

Illustrating in Oils

I'm really glad I've made the decision to go back to oils.
To me there really is nothing like holding a real painting in your hands.

I hope to encourage more illustrators to turn to traditional media when they can, because I really believe there is a time, and a place for both digital, and traditional.
However I feel nowadays, illustrators don't even consider the traditional route, which is a shame.
I have nothing against digital art and I feel equally comfortable in both mediums. But there's nothing like holding a physical painting/illustration/comic art page in your hands when it's all done.
Also, when you do commissioned art for reproduction traditionally, you end up and an additional asset, that can be sold for as much or more than you charged for your time on the project.

So whenever I'm working with a client that I know won't have a million changes, and I feel confident about the creative control I have in the project, I prefer to go traditional, at least in part.

With this in mind I've started a follow-along tutorial thread for artists who are interested on Legion Ink. 
Follow along here:,2103.0.html. (members only area, so you'll have to sign up)
I'd love your input!


Note my home-made easel ;)

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