Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's time for...Open Book Comics Fest 2014!

Three weeks to go to Open Book Comics Fest 2014 and I'll be there!

Hi guys! I can't wait for Open Book Comics Fest 2014!
Things are hotting up this side, with preparations for the fest underway! Tomica #1 is at the printers and almost ready to go. I've seen the proofs and they look great! 

Open Book Comics Fest 2013

Come visit my table at the Comics Fest market, where I'll be selling Gofu Part 1, Gofu Part 2 and, of course Tomica #1!

Yup!, I'll have three comics for sale at the show!
Gofu Part 1: R40.00
Gofu Part 2: R40.00
Tomica #1: R30.00

Open Book Comics Fest is officially the launch of our new quarterly print edition of Tomica in a special mini-comic strip format.
Tomica will come out every 3 months and will feature rocking sci-fi action that you haven't seen in comics since the days of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers!
Every issue of Tomica includes special print-exclusive features such as character bios, space maps and vehicle tech specs!

If you have pre-ordered Tomica, thank you, you rock and you hve no idea how much it helps!

Keep an eye open for announcements on pre-orders for Tomica #2 - much sooner than you think! ;)

Of course there will be all kinds of other goodies for sale at my table such as prints and original art.

Gofu Part one is also available in full colour in The Velocity Anthology #4!
Be sure to swing by Velocity's table and pick up a copy! Check them out on Facebook too!